HousingWORD’s housing assistance program is designed to help families who are homeless or at risk of homelessness secure or maintain stable housing. To participate in this program, individuals must be working with one of WORD’s advocates. To contact our advocates please see below:

Families in Transition 

7477  Family Advocate

Kim Hope: khope@wordinc.org

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7 thoughts on “Housing Assistance

  1. My name is karonda Pruet and we are a family of 5. My husband and I have to move due to the property where we have been renting the past 4 years has sold and we are being forced off the property by 8/15. We have no place to go and no money for deposits and rent. We have been trying to find a place but we are low income and there is so far nothing available and we can’t get into a property management due to our credit being poor. We need some assistance and I was given the information about this program.


  2. I’m trying to see if there is a way for me an my family to get help this month with our lot rent and electric bill this month , currently our only vehicle has broke down and i am trying to get it fixed but by doing so i will be unable to pay our to other main bills . I am on a fixed income with long term disability awaiting back surgery , anything will help


  3. Hi my name is Seanah carey I am currently homeless I have 3 children ages 10-8-4. I currently relieve temporary rental assistance through the open aid alliance where I work a case manager named devra. I am actively seeking housing but am having trouble with two things….I can’t find a property management that will accept my credit and I don’t have any means for a deposited. I have applied to some private landlords but am worried what I will do if one accepts me for a place and I don’t have deposited money. I work at motel 6 as a house keeper but I am currently not working due to having foot surgery tomorrow on my broken left foot. Is there any program I can get with to help me with a deposit? I have called human resource councle and they are still waiting for funding for any houseing programs they have.


  4. What date can you sign up at WORD for housing assistance? My family and I are fairly new to these processes, but I am a Military Veteran who is having difficulty with my benefits. They have recently made a mistake, which has caused my disability checks to be cut in half, and for the past 2 months to just not come. We are now 3 months behind in rent, have received eviction notices. Is there any way we can get help? Thank you for your time.


  5. Hi, my name is Robin and I am needing assistance to begin a new life here in Missoula, I need a place to stay and a good job… I hope to see you Tuesday…


  6. Hello,
    I spoke with an advocate in July. I still have not obtained ang job, although the application process has been daunting. We have contacted family about this situation and they are willing to help out with rent when the WORD program has reached its limitations. If this sounds fair and legitimate, we are in desperate need for hours! We have 2 kiddos and one on the way. The countdown is on as my anxiety goes up.
    Shila and Jack Flynn


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