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WORD Struggles to Continue Operations



March 19, 2020 – Women’s Opportunity and Resource Development (WORD) has been a trusted lifeline for the most at-risk Missoula families for over 35 years. Yet, WORD is going through a critical time and needs the Missoula community’s help.

We recognize the Missoula community is experiencing a crisis of its own as the COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in lost jobs, lost income and an uncertain future. Imagine what this means for a single mom already struggling to feed and house her family. Many Missoula families will not be able to keep their housing or access vital supportive services without WORD’s help. WORD is committed to providing critical services but cannot do so without emergency funding from the community.

WORD can help struggling families with rental support, supplies, resources, supportive services, and emotional support. Losing even a few days of work can jeopardize someone’s ability to pay their rent; it is safer and more cost effective to keep someone in their current home than it is to help them secure housing from a place of homelessness.

Over the last few years, WORD has lost state, federal, and private grants, leading to employee layoffs and dissolved programs. After many efforts to replace lost funding, WORD is still coming up short. To help Missoula’s most vulnerable families, WORD urgently needs to raise $30,000.

WORD accepts the responsibility of being a trusted resource and takes pride in helping Missoula families find solutions to their housing challenges. Without community help, WORD is unable to maintain these vital, potentially life-saving services.

Please consider supporting WORD’s efforts by clicking here to make a donation. Thank you, Missoula. Be well.

For more information, contact Jennie Vader at jvader@wordinc.org or visit www.wordinc.org.



WORD is making an effort to help stem the spread of COVID-19. We will be working remotely but we will still be available to assist you. If you need immediate assistance or infomation about our programs please contact our Family Advocate at 406-544-1276. For all other inquiries please call our main office line at 406-543-3550. Thank you. 

WORD to the Woman 2020


WORD to the Woman

Please join us for our signature fundraising event. Featuring all women fronted bands, food trucks, merchendise and beverages for sale. Mark your calendars and come down to help support our mission of Strenthening our community by creating opportunities that support and inspire women.

When: March 6th

Time: 7pm-10pm

Where: Free Cycles: 732 S 1st St W Missoula MT

WORD at Caffe Dolce’

Cappucchino Image


When: February 25th

Time: 5pm – 9pm

Where: Caffe Dolce on Brooks Street in Missoula

Come join WORD for dinner and drinks at Caffe Dolce on February 25th from 5pm – 9pm and 10% of all the proceeds will be donated to WORD in helping us strengthen our community by creating opportunities that support and inspire women.

Bags For Change


Please bring your reusable bags to Lucky’s Market for your holiday shopping this year and donate to WORD. At the end of the quarter February 1st, Lucky’s Market will match each donation! Thank you for continuing to support WORD.

Oct 22nd – Missoula Public Library


Join WORD as we again support the launch of the book “We leave the flowers where they are.” Memoirs of 41 Montana women compiled by Richard Fifield.

WORD will be tabeling at the public library handing out information on our services for women, as well as selling our WORD to the Woman T-shirts!!

WHERE: Missoula Public Library

WHEN: 6:30pm – 8:30pm 

Stop in and say hello!